Things I Love And You (might) Need From Amazon

Here are some products that I recommend, which I purchased from Amazon.  These are affiliate links, so I may be compensated if you use them, or I may not be.  If you don't use them, I definitely won't use them?  Anyway, they're products I actually use, and I shop on Amazon way too much. This will be both informative and convenient.

First and foremost: trim your candle wicks! Just do it. I found a reasonably priced wick cutter with a long handled snuffer by Viscacha.  You'll need to trim the wick to 1/4" - 1/2", depending on the size of the candle.  If you don't, the flames can be too large, start getting smoky, and even cause the container to get much too hot, in extreme cases causing breakage.  So, this little set is a life saver for me.  Obviously, I burn some candles. Do it for the safety, do it for the children, just trim your wicks!  It's also much safer to use a snuffer on your candles, instead of blowing them out.  


Another purchase I'm super happy having bought are these cute, retro containers in turquoise by Home Basics.  We use them for sugar, tea, coffee, and instant coffee (that's my husband's, as I'm not sold on instant coffee).  They are air tight and the clear side peep-holes allow you to see how much is left in each container.  These canisters add a fresh pop of color to my fairly neutral kitchen, which is much needed.  

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that we have cats.  Two, to be exact: a fat Mainecoon, and an annoying Russian Blue.  They're likely mixed with other breeds, of course, but we will allow them the privilege of believing they are as important as they think (know) they are.  They both absolutely love Petmate FATCAT Big Mama's Scratchy Pad, and the little green toys that come with it, complete with catnip.  It's saved our stairs and couches from Mainecoon mischief.  We replace it ever couple of months, but it's totally worth every penny, plus it's pretty cheap to begin with, especially if you have Prime.


Aside from my candle business, I also work a full-time job remotely from my house.  I consider myself extremely lucky in this respect, because commuting in the Seattle area can be pure hell.  However, working a desk job anywhere can come with a fair share of physical issues: humans weren't made to sit all day, it's not healthy, and my back was starting to tell me this.  Because of that, I made the small investment of adding a VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk to my current desk.  It's a sit-to-stand converter that sits on my desk, and easily adjusts to standing from sitting, and vice versa.  There was very little assembly and it has hydraulic lifts, making raising and lowering it a breeze. Another plus...well to my cat: he can fit under the keyboard area when it's lifted. AND I fit both of my monitors on it. Win-win!

 These are items that make my life easier.  If they make yours easier too, that's awesome.  Thanks for reading!


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